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Export Documents

To export Gold you need these items:
  1. Invoice
  2. Proforma invoice
  3. Packing list
  4. Airway bill
  5. Certificate of origin

Rate of Export Charges

  1. A mandatory 3% withholding Tax on all gold purchases in Ghana and this is paid to GRA at their offices at Kinbu before proceeding with the gold to PMMC office at the airport.
  2. 0.2524% payable to PMMC as re-assay charges inclusive of 1% Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy.
  3. 0.20% on the total to be exported payable to the minerals commission as small-scale sustainability fund.
  4. Freight as charged by airline.
  5. 0.1515% as service charge inclusive of 1% Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy.

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