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Gold Export

Gold Export

We offer complete professional, efficient, fast and secure service third party export services throughout all major global trade routes. All our gold exports meet Government, Customs and Bank of Ghana requirements and are executed through the laid down regulations to world-class refineries overseas.

Exporters are advised to deliver minerals of interest bound for export to the offices of AsanSka Minerals Limited by 10:00 am for assaying on the day of export. In any case, unsmelted gold must be delivered a day prior to the shipment day.

Gold being melted in a refactor

Our Export Process


Step 1

Documentation of assay report and invoices by stating fineness or percentage purity to be achieved and percentage of shortage to be realized after refining process.


Step 2

Exporter shall then be furnished with an assay invoice and packing list indicating the weight and fineness of the mineral to be exported.


Step 3

The mineral to be exported will then be sealed in a metal case on the day of export by AsanSka Minerals Limited with custom seals in the presence of these key officials:

  1. Precious Minerals Marketing Corporation (PMMC) officers
  2. Ghana Customs Officers
  3. Officials of AsanSka Minerals Limited
  4. An advocate of the Exporter

Step 4

Documents such as Bank of Ghana and Ghana Customs shall be completed by AsanSka Minerals Limited on behalf of the Exporter.


Step 5

Full address and contact number of Consignee overseas must be provided.


Step 6

Transportation of mineral meant for shipment to the appropriate airline shall be effected by AsanSka Minerals Limited.


Step 7

Airfreight and insurance charges shall be the responsibility of the Exporter/Consignee.


Step 8

The Mineral to be exported shall be accompanied with the following documents:

  1. AsanSka Minerals Limited assay invoice, packing list and pro forma invoice which will vividly outline the purity and quantum of the mineral as regards the ounces and kilograms.
  2. Cost of minerals expressed in both Dollars and Cedis with respect to the spot price of the London Bullion Metal Association (LBMA) on the day of export.
  3. Bank of Ghana export documents and
  4. Custom export documents.

Step 9

The Exporter shall be made to pay a negotiable fee as a percentage of the cost of gold to be exported in dollars per kilogram, for assaying and smelting fees.

Rate of Charges

A mandatory 3% withholding Tax on all gold purchases in Ghana and this is paid to GRA at their offices at Kinbu before proceeding with the gold to PMMC office at the airport.

0.20% on the total to be exported payable to the minerals commission as small-scale sustainability fund.

0.2524% payable to PMMC as re-assay charges inclusive of 1% Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy.

0.1515% as service charge inclusive of 1% Covid-19 Health Recovery Levy.

Freight as charged by airline.

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Gold Export

We offer a complete professional, efficient, fast and secure service third party export services throughout all major global trade routes.

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